TutorCruncher to host its first tutoring industry roundtable

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We're excited to announce we are launching our first conference in the form of ‘The Crunch'! We have invited a small group of thought leaders in the UK tutoring industry to discuss some of the issues which have come to define the current moment.

This breakfast will take place on December 3rd and is a closed event but will be recorded and shared as an invaluable resource for educators everywhere. We'll be discussing how we can ensure that the tutoring industry adapts to a post pandemic world, and how this can be more accessible to all children, not just the privileged.

Who will be speaking?

TutorCruncher to host its first tutoring industry roundtable

Ben Caulfield - Founder & CEO of Eedi

Backed by LEGO Ventures, Holtzbrinck, TES Global, Emerge, Founders Factory, and others, Eedi has reached millions of teachers and their learners in over 15,500 schools worldwide. They've made it their mission to help every child build the skills and confidence to thrive in a rapidly changing world, so Ben will be able to provide some valuable insight into maximising a child's ability to learn and excel online.

James Grant - Co-Founder of MyTutor

James is a Co-Founder of ‘MyTutor' and has been supporting over 1000+ partner schools during school closures, and enabling students to continue to make strong academic progress. The platform provides live, online one-to-one lessons, delivered by bright, inspiring undergraduates studying at the UK's leading universities - their secondary aim is to become the leading provider of work to these students.

Richard Evans - Founder of The Profs

The Profs set out to overhaul the broken, lecture-based university system and replace it with quality one-to-one online education that targets the individuals' strengths and weaknesses. As founder of The Profs, James was previously an international tutor with a prestigious global client base. He now writes about how to tutor online and shares his experiences in higher education.

Julia Silver - Founder & CEO of Qualified Tutor

Passionate about improving things for students by training the adults who work with them, Julia founded Qualified Tutor in 2019 to raise standards in tutoring. Julia advocates for an approach to education that makes more sense, focusses on the process rather than the outcome and takes a holistic view of teaching and learning.

Jacob Kelly - Executive Officer of Tutor The Nation

Jacob joined Tutor The Nation having founded the Coronavirus Tutoring Initiative. This charity provided over 51,000 hours of free tutoring to disadvantaged students during the pandemic. Having had first-hand experience providing tutoring during the pandemic, Jacob understands how the industry can evolve and adapt to suit the ever changing industry.

Andrew Ground - Founder of Tutorfair

Tutorfair helps students and parents find private tutors across the UK for in-person tuition. With over 1000 subjects on offer, their platform has over 6000 active tutors. Founder Andrew Ground is driven by a desire to find good tutors while also providing a quality experience for its end users. Andrew's experience will allow him to shed an insight into how the Internet can provide choice and transparency to both parents and tutors within the tutoring industry.

What Topics will be covered?

We're very lucky to have such a strong panel with us, so here some of the topics that we'll be hoping to cover on the morning:

  • The success and failure of the government programmes
  • Some of the latest technologies (and start-ups) that can help us find fast solutions to the challenges the education system might currently be facing.
  • How tutors have found teaching during the pandemic?
  • What can we learn from schools going completely online?

With this sudden shift away from the classroom in many parts of the globe, some are wondering whether the adoption of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic, and how such a shift would impact the worldwide education market. Online tutoring industry statistics have shown the growth of tutoring (online and offline) has been absolutely astounding in the past 5 years and it's not slowing down anytime soon. We'll be examining some of these changes with our panel, and discuss how online tutoring can be more widely accessible to children all over the world.

This will be a great opportunity to get an insight from some of the big names in the tutoring industry, so hopefully this will be the first of many!

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