What's Next: TutorCruncher's Plans for 2024 & Recent Updates!

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Strategic Planning + Exciting Updates

As we kicked off 2024, we got together to set goals for each department. To make sure we hit these targets, we held a Strategy Day. During our planning, we figured out key objectives for each team to focus on throughout the year, resulting in a bunch of cool stuff we'll be rolling out for all of you in the next few months! We’ve listed a few of the features we’re planning to roll out below

Introducing Split Payments to the US

For our US clients, we're excited to share that we're extending the reach of our "Split Payments" feature which is currently exclusive to UK-based companies. Our goal is to enable companies in the US to benefit from Split Payments as well. Curious about Split Payments? Click here to learn more.

New Stripe Payment options - Direct Debit

To continue improving accessibility for your clients, we're working with Stripe to understand the requirements necessary to implement Direct Debits as another payment method. We understand the importance of offering various payment methods and we will continue to expand and improve the options available to you. 

In-App Chat Service

We're working on adding a chat feature within TutorCruncher so Admins, Tutors, and Students can all talk in one place. Our aim is to make it a safe space for everyone to chat without needing to be monitored at all times. Keeping things secure is a top priority for us, and we're committed to making this feature as safe as can be. It's worth noting that this feature will be optional.


We understand the growing popularity of offering services in bulk within the tutoring industry and so we’re in the process of mapping out how we can incorporate Packages within TutorCruncher.

Interactive Tutorials

We’d like to make the onboarding process smoother and simpler for our new clients by considering the implementation of interactive tutorials. Imagine easy step-by-step guides with small pop-up texts or brief videos explaining how to use different features. Our aim is to plan and test this feature thoroughly to make sure it provides new clients with the results you're looking for.

Custom Themes

We're excited to bring in some ready-made custom themes for you to choose from, giving your TutorCruncher a fresh new look!

This is just a glimpse  of what's in store for 2024, and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop with any updates and changes throughout the year! Below are a few things we've already implemented within TutorCruncher.

Statement descriptor

Statement descriptors is a tool used by Stripe which helps your clients recognise charges on their bank statements. Previously, if no descriptor was set, Stripe defaulted it to "" for companies that didn’t have a website or entered facebook as a linked social media account. We’ve now made it so that you can easily update your statement descriptor within TutorCruncher. If you use Stripe and want to accurately reflect your business on your clients' bank statements, head over to System > Settings > Card payments with stripe (new) > Settings, and you can edit your Stripe statement descriptor there! 

We strongly encourage you to update your statement descriptor via TutorCruncher to help your clients have an easier time recognising payments for your services. 

Email Styles

TutorCruncher's Email Styles feature enables you to send emails to your students and clients using your own domain instead of our system default ( Our Email provider, Mandrill, has recently informed us of necessary changes that need to be made to ensure your emails continue to be sent from your domain. If you’d like to find out more about how you can make these changes, you can find our help documentation here. We’ve also included a handy step-by-step video guide within the article should make things a little easier when carrying out the changes. 

Email Definition - Lesson Scheduled

We've implemented a new Email Definition that automatically sends emails to clients, students and tutors whenever a new lesson is scheduled and their profiles linked to the lesson. These emails contain important details such as the date, time, and the names of all participants. This Email Definition has been made with the goal of ensuring that everyone is updated and prepared for any upcoming lessons. 

As with all of our Email Definitions, you are free to edit the text in whichever way you’d like. This Email Definition is currently disabled by default, however if you’d like to enable it, please navigate to System > Settings > Communication Settings > Email Definitions > Lesson Scheduled > Toggle On. 

What should we update next?

As always, the TutorCruncher team wants to know what improvements you want to see in our system! If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to get in touch via email at, through our in-app chat or by going to the Support tab within your TutorCruncher system.

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