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As we enter the chilly winter period and head towards the end of 2023, we wanted to take a moment to look back at some of the features and improvements that have been introduced to TutorCruncher over the past few months.

Stripe Express & Migration

We've been hard at work developing a brand-new set of features for companies operating as Employment Agencies in the UK. As part of this, we've made significant improvements to our payment processing system in partnership with Stripe. The result is a more feature-rich system that's designed to make your experience even better.

To highlight some of the benefits you'll be able to use with the new Stripe version:

Billing changes

The development team has been working on making billing easier and simpler for your clients. Whilst some of these changes are still in the works, a quick glimpse into what we’re working on is allowing clients to choose a preferred payment method, improvements to our Bank Transfer system (further details below) and consolidating everything related to billing in one tab. Stay tuned because we're aiming to roll this out very soon! Keep an eye on this space for exciting updates!

Bank Transfers

You can now accept payments via bank transfers and have them automatically applied to your invoices or credit requests within TutorCruncher. How this works very simply, is that when a client decides to pay an invoice, it will dynamically produce bank details for that Invoice in particular. No more hassle of logging into your bank's web service to find payments. If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic, you can see more about this feature here.

Automated Payouts to Tutors

For those who are already in the loop, our Split Payments feature for companies functioning as Employment Agencies has been a hit! Exciting news: we're gearing up to expand this offering to companies acting as Employment Businesses soon, so be on the lookout for that!

You can find out more about the new version of Stripe here.

Improving our Search functionality

Our development team has made significant progress in enhancing our search capabilities within TC, which we're referring to as "Search V2." This update is designed to increase the level of flexibility in your search queries, allowing for a more forgiving margin of error while still delivering the desired results. For instance, if you search for "Machew Smitihe," but your client's name is actually "Matthew Smith," the improved system will now consider closely matching names. Search V2 also includes the ability to search for Invoice numbers and Payment Orders with greater precision. Please keep sharing your thoughts with us if you come across anything that could benefit from further improvement with Search V2. 

Continued work on System Speedups

We’re dedicated as always to having a slick and speedy platform and based on your feedback, the team has been continuing to enhance page load times over the past few months. We're committed to keeping your experience as fast and efficient as possible. 

To give a little insight on this, in September, our average response time clocked in at 157.4ms. Fast forward to October and beyond, and we've trimmed it down to an average of 127.9ms—a noteworthy 18.7% decrease! 

User Guide Rework

Our Support team has been working away on a project over the past few months which was to focus on the redesign of our User Guide to enhance your experience with our platform. This refreshed guide is your go-to resource for using TC, with step-by-step instructions on how to navigate TC, accomplish tasks, and get the most out of our features which are available to you. You can find our User Guide here

Email Definition Improvement

We’re always looking for ways to improve our Email Definitions to help you automate a lot of administrative work that would otherwise be extremely time consuming and sometimes cumbersome. To outline this, we’ve recently made a change to the Email Definition “Job Confirmation to a Tutor” as In the past, we used a single variable within the email to display either the student's or client's details, depending on the available contact information on their profile. This caused confusion for some tutors who couldn't distinguish between the two. To address this, we've introduced separate variables for the Client's email address and phone number. 

This change should make your experience smoother, minimise any confusion, and offer you more flexibility when sharing contact details with tutors. You can now easily choose to display only student or client information. We really value your feedback and thanks to that, we were able to make this change and improve the Email Definition for everyone that uses it.

National Tutors' Conference

Some of the team had the pleasure of attending the National Tutos’ Conference recently, where we got the chance to connect with some fantastic people! Our very own Fionn Finegan, our Commercial Director, delivered a well-received presentation on scaling your tutoring business—a topic that resonated wonderfully with the audience. We hope to see more of you at future events!

New Team Members!

We're thrilled to welcome new members to our growing team! Their fresh perspectives and talents will help us to continue to improve TutorCruncher. If you’d like to find out more about the team, have a glance over at our About Us page.

Winter Newsletter ☃️

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What should we update next?

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