What Makes a Great Personal Statement for Tutoring Jobs

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There are a few important points you should look out for when evaluating a personal statement - either as an applicant, or as an approver!

For a neophyte in this online tutoring or home tuition arena, writing a captivating (yet truthful) personal statement could be quite a challenge to begin with. It's a matter of "selling" yourself by writing self-praising sentences about your prowess, about how genial you are as an individual, and about how you possess all the necessary qualities that befit a great tutor. Though this may sound a little comical, it is absolutely necessary to present yourself as the right tutor for children out there who require the help; the extra push to propel forward in their academics. The following tips are guidelines that budding tutors can follow in order to set up a convincing profile that contains a wholesome personal statement.


YES, this sounds like an obvious advice that anyone would give...but what does "being convincing" actually mean? What does it entail?

It is essential to ensure that your tutor profile does not look banal, making you seem like a taciturn, hostile and formidable individual. Those who view your profile should

not feel ambivalent, but rather, they should be sure that you are the perfect tutor for their child. Apart from filling in the details about your educational background and stating your area of teaching expertise, you should write (not a huge essay; usually there is a limited word count) about what makes you a special teacher; about what makes you stand out.

It's important to stand out through a personal statement.

Remember that in the internet platform, just like you, there are thousands of tutors who have the profiles set up, hoping to attract students. You need to incorporate reasons into your write-up as to why you are the kind of tutor students are looking for. Being convincing really depends on the kind of words you utilise in your writing, for example, "friendly", "approachable", "amicable" and "patient", which gives an accurate macroview as to what kind of a tutor you are, it radiates a sense of trustworthiness, and makes you appear to be a committed and responsible home tutor.

Though the benefits of a convincing personal statement may seem incorporeal, it really isn't. This is what will herald a great change in your tutoring career, as more students would want you to be their tutor and there comes the opportunity for you to expand, grow and thrive in this arena of yours.


Hold your horses...! Nobody is insinuating that you would weave in blatant lies in your personal statement. But let's be pragmatic and admit that we might take some creative liberty while writing an elaborate profile about ourselves in order to be the attractive one among the lot. What is important is that this should not go off tangent, and should still stick within the boundaries of reality. Nobody should say that the qualities you have mentioned in your profile are moot points; exaggerated and untruthful statements.

It may seem like an innocuous attempt to promote yourself, but to others, especially your students, they might feel deceived. This is impermissible in any field, let alone teaching, especially since students look up to their teachers for inspiration and genuine guidance. State what you are in your personal statement in the most convincing and captivating way but still convey the true essence of who you are as a tutor. Truthfulness is what is truly attractive and it will serve you well in your tutoring career.


We all know that it takes a village to raise a child. In this modern day and age, the “village” we live in consists of school tutors, parents, home tutors, relatives, mutual acquaintances, peers, and surroundings, filled with strangers; all of whom have their own way of shaping a child's character and influencing the child's intelligence. Tutors have a pivotal role in moulding a child's perspectives, building on his or her knowledge and inculcating moral values and virtues.

It's important for tutors to act as a child's moral compass, not just their academic one.

Under the carapace of a great personal statement, apart from all the details about your expertise and your amicability as a tutor, you have to include the fact that you really do care about the personal well-being of your students (and being truthful to that statement, you have to show that through your actions too). Today parents expect a home tutor to not only be their child's educator, but also to be their moral compass and to be a trusted companion. This is mainly because of the fact that in today's fast-paced modern life, parents do not get to spend quality time with their children and thus, having another trusted adult to guide their child would be a great help.

Understanding the gravity of this current day and age's situations and circumstances, as a tutor, it will be advantageous for you to state the fact that you care about your student's personality, moral values and well-being.

ALL IN ALL, following the tips mentioned above, you will be thankful for your precocity on this subject matter and this will push to another stratosphere in your tutoring career for sure.

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