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Tutoring Business Growth

Just recently however we looked at the data to identify how businesses perform and grow after they start working with TutorCruncher.  Tutoring business growth is a big part of what our platform provides so we thought it pertinent to talk about the real world results it provides to real tutoring businesses.

We are very proud of our platform and the services we provide to tutoring businesses large and small who want to reliably scale their business.  The data indicates that singing on to work with TutorCruncher and changing the way they manage their business with our software leads to quite remarkable growth as outlined below.

Revenue Growth Statistics for Tutoring Businesses.

We first looked at the average revenue growth of our long term tutoring business clients to identify just how much and how quickly their finances improved after Joining us.  

The results are pretty spectacular with the average growth after 3 years being 98%!  While the first six months sees a modest 10% increase that is quickly beaten by reaching an impressive 40% a 12 months leading to 75% at 24.

Average Revenue Growth:

  1. 10.58% after 6 months 
  2. 40.17% after 12 months 
  3. 77.91% after 24 months 
  4. 98.18% after 36 months 
tutoring business growth by revenue with tutorcruncher

Increased Users Data for Tutoring Businesses.

Not unlike the revenue statistics above, the average number of new users for our clients shows an outstanding 230% growth over a 36 month period.  At 6 months this was already an incredible 40% while at 2 years the users peak at 265%  

Interestingly  at 12 months new users had increased by an average of 120%.  That represents a 10% increase every month in users for the first year! 

Average Number of New Users Growth:

tutoring business user growth graph
  1. 40.28% after 6 months 
  2. 120.98% after 12 months 
  3. 265.59% after 24 months 
  4. 231.99% after 36 months 

Tutoring Sessions Increase

Finally we looked at the number of lessons being provided.and we found a very similar story albeit with smaller numbers.  Is this an indication of the ability to increase revenue and service more students without a corresponding increase in workload?

Working smarter, not harder in action.  Our platform is certainly designed to remove many of the administrative burdens tutoring businesses face, allowing them to focus on the core deliverables of their business.

Average Number of New Lessons Increase

  1. 1.97% after 6 months 
  2. 33.22% after 12 months 
  3. 56.49% after 24 months 
  4. 53.50% after 36 months 
lesson growth statistics line graph

All in all, interesting data for anyone looking to scale their tutoring business.  There is certainly a case to be made that when a business is ready to scale then by using TutorCruncher as a platform they can increase their revenue, users and lessons.

How TutorCruncher Enables Growth

TutorCruncher is an online tutoring software that makes it easier to manage payments, schedule lessons, and manage tutors all in one platform. This management software is designed to help tutors save time and improve how they do business. TutorCruncher has impeccable tutoring software features that include business intelligence analytics, superior scheduling software, and even online whiteboard teaching tools. 


The above data clearly indicates the immensely positive impact that the software has on tutoring businesses. It has helped hundreds of tutoring businesses experience continuous growth in revenue and in getting new users. It is a proven and viable way to improve business operations and expand any online tutoring business.

Start your free trial now and I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

We build business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, we can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration.

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