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In 2017, an average smartphone's performance is approximately 100 million times better than the Apollo guidance computer on board of the Apollo rockets in 1970. Around 75% of people in developed countries own a smartphone and use it regularly.

The transition from mobile phone to smartphone has been remarkable. Online banking, video calling, online shopping, taking high-quality photos, reading a newspaper or book, writing emails, booking your next holiday — everything is possible on that small rectangle in your pocket.

Use TutorCruncher on any device, anywhere, anytime.

App or Website?

You have probably heard the sentence “There's an app for that!” more than once during your smartphone-accompanied life. Even though we'd never want to do without the convenience of our smartphones again, having to download multiple apps and storing them all on your phone can be quite annoying at times — especially if a service requires you to install an app before you're able to use it on mobile. Of course, both native apps and mobile responsive websites have their advantages and drawbacks. A website for a tutoring company most likely won't benefit enough from push notifications, an OS tailored user interface, and offline access — typical features of a native app — to make the development of an app a prudent investment of time and money.

In addition to that, developing a native app requires a lot more time and effort than building a mobile responsive website. So if a native app wouldn't provide any additional benefits, the case for a mobile responsive website is made. If the main objective of an app is to allow your users to make the most of your services while on the go, can this be achieved through a mobile responsive website?

Mobile responsive websites

A mobile responsive website's layout and performance automatically adjust to the device it is visited on. In 2017, they have become a requirement for any business. is a mobile responsive website.

This type of website allows for an efficient web experience which only requires a browser. If your visitor tracking records show a significant amount of visits from mobile devices, your website is overdue to become mobile responsive if it isn't yet. A mobile-friendly website will assist in client conversion; the last thing you want is for users to look at your website and find it impossible to understand and decipher. First impressions are always key!

Your website can become mobile responsive by dropping a few more lines of HTML in the code. This is not only an easy way of turning a mobile visit to your website into a more pleasant experience for your clients, but facilitates an increasing conversion rate on mobile and improves SEO. Google loves mobile responsive websites and could penalise you with a lower ranking in search results if your website isn't mobile-friendly. If you aren't sure whether or not your website is already mobile-friendly, you can do a quick check with the Google tool.


Google recently announced two new technologies to look out for: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). AMP is an open-source initiative that optimises the creation of mobile content. Its implementation can help with SEO, lowering bounce rates and increasing performance. As envisioned by Google, PWA will be the next step in web app development allowing for an in-app experience without having to download one.

If your interest in AMP and PWA has been kindled, go here for some more in-depth information. However, there is no need to worry about your tutoring company's website as long as you don't miss out on potential clients with a non-mobile responsive site.

TutorCruncher on mobile

TutorCruncher’s performance on mobile is just as good as it is on a desktop computer. There are only two requirements: a web browser and an internet connection. Using TutorCruncher on mobile doesn't limit any features or functionality, but allows you to make the most of your time — you can now use your Tutor Management Software from anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Emphasise TutorCruncher’s mobile usability to your tutors and encourage them to mark lessons as complete as soon as they are finished. Clients and students can check their information whenever they want to or download study material on a tablet by simply logging into their accounts on their mobile devices.

Our website integration TutorCruncher Socket is of course compatible with mobile responsive websites. This will allow you to transfer all benefits of Socket onto the mobile version of your website and increase your conversion rate by catching visitors on mobile and encouraging them to enquire or request a tutor. For more information on Socket, go here.

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