5 Signs That Your Child Needs Tutoring

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For many parents, the dilemma of whether to hire a tutor can be difficult. Unless they are explicitly told by a teacher to get one, many parents find it hard to determine if their child could benefit from tutoring. As an agency knowing when to recommend tutoring to a child can help generate more sales and build trust with clients.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a definitive answer about whether a child needs tutoring. However, we have put together 5 key reasons why you might want to consider doing so.

Here are 5 signs that your child might need tutoring:

  1. They find it difficult to grasp the basics.
  2. They need to learn to focus better.
  3. They could benefit from new learning tools and techniques.
  4. They are about to do an entrance or national exam.
  5. They enjoy learning about topics independently.

If you want to learn a bit more about each of these, read on!

Solidify the basics

One of the main reasons why children fall behind is because they are unable to grasp fundamental knowledge. Schools cannot teach children the basics forever. This means certain children, who take a bit longer to grasp concepts, might lack a solid foundation of understanding.

Imagine trying to learn about 3D shapes, data visualisations or algebra when you are unable to understand basic addition and subtraction.

Tutoring can help with this exactly! Giving your child a bit of extra time with a tutor to understand more simple concepts will give them the tools they need to build their knowledge. Furthermore, a tutor can assess your child's knowledge and identify gaps, which schools might not have the time to examine.

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Learn better focus

Many children fall behind in school because they aren't suited for a classroom. In a school environment, kids can easily be distracted by their classmates or get bored if a lesson is progressing too slow for them. Through no fault of their own, a lack of engagement will often lead to misbehaviour.

Tuition provides different surroundings for your child. Having one-on-one or even high dosage lessons means no distractions and no way for a student to tune out of learning. Furthermore, your child will quickly become familiar with their tutor and will be able to learn at a time that best suits them.

Above all else, hiring a tutor will give your child a space to learn with an educator who purely focuses on them. This will ensure far more academic progress in the long term.

Provide useful tools for the future

Aside from aiding learning and focus, tutoring can give your child the tools they need to get the most out of their studies. By hiring a tutor early on, you can help children understand their learning style better.

Tutors can also provide learning techniques to make sure your child knows about best practices when it comes to studying for a test or revising for an exam. This knowledge will be incredibly helpful for them when they study for national exams, such as GCSEs and A-levels.

Many of the techniques they learn from a tutor about information retention can help them in all of their school career, and even adulthood. The earlier they master these skills, with the help of a tutor, the more they can get out of them.

Learn more about other tools which can help your child!

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Get expert advice and guidance

Unless you are a parent working within the education sector, chances are a tutor will have more experience with understanding your child's skills. If you have been lucky enough to find the perfect tutor-student match, chances are the tutor can give you great advice about the future of your child.

Tutors often have thousands of hours of experience working with children and will be able to guide you about your child's future. This could mean informing you about their strengths and weaknesses or about what school would suit them best. They will also likely be able to recommend books or learning materials that you wouldn't come across on your own.

Tutors can provide you and your child with a huge amount of resources, advice and knowledge tailored to your situation. This is something you will likely not be able to get from a school teacher since they have lots of children to focus on at once.

Broaden your child's education

Schools have a strict curriculum to follow, often building knowledge to pass national exams or yearly in-school tests. While schools are able to provide a wide range of knowledge, they often lack resources to provide additional focus on topics your child might be interested in.

If your child really wants to explore a subject in-depth, chances are they will not get the option to do so in class. A tutor can help with this. Since they plan lessons based on your needs specifically, they will likely have more time to deep dive into subjects your child shows interest in. As most tutors do not stick to a specific curriculum, tuition sessions can inspire your child and flow naturally in a direction that they find interesting.

Tutors can therefore provide your child with a wider range of knowledge and potentially help them discover new passions or become more creative.

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