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The number of people accessing private tuition grew tremendously during the global pandemic of COVID-19 and the demand has remained higher ever since. The number of tutor's entering the market is also continuing to grow. Perhaps the global economy and pay freezes in education sectors is driving more teachers to look at additional jobs to boost their earnings.

Of course it is not just teachers that are boosting the number of tutors, in recent years there has been massive growth of online tutoring being used by people from all walks of life as a side hustle or a full time job.

The average tutoring rates in the UK has an effect on what one needs to pay for a tutor as well as affecting the earnings of those doing the tutoring.

If you want to learn a bit more about the rates for different subjects, read on!

The Size of the UK Tutoring Market Today

For many students private tuition is the key to doing well in a test, and obtaining the results which they desire. It may also be key in making sure they are able to get back on track following the COVID-19 School closures.

The reasons for seeking tuition seem to vary greatly, some students will get tutoring to achieve specific goals such as doing well in a test or entrance exam, while others get help with general schoolwork.

Students looking for private tuition are spoiled for choice, with 100s of privately owned agencies offering a variety of tutoring services. There are also thousands of independent tutors available who can teach in person or using online tutoring software.

In fact, tutoring is so widespread in the UK that 41% of young people in London will receive some form of private tutoring during their academic career.

The fact that almost half of all young Londoners will hire private tuition at some point in life is not at all surprising. Today, the UK tuition market represents more than £2 billion of revenue annually. The evergrowing tutoring market of the UK is considered to be one of the top spenders in tutoring world wide.

With the help of technology, and software companies such as TutorCruncher, people today can hire a tutor with the click of a button. Whether it is a one-off online session, or weekly face-to-face meetings the internet has become the new jobs board for tutors all across the world.

Average tutoring rates UK - online teaching

The Cost

Based on the figures above it is clear that private tutoring is a lucrative business. In fact, our recent data has revealed that an hour of tutoring can cost almost £40. In Hampshire the average hourly rate for tutoring is £39.56, the highest in the UK, followed by London, Surrey, and Manchester, all with hourly rates above £38. The top ten hourly rates by location are as follows:

Average Costs by Region

  1. Hampshire - £39.56
  2. London - £39.01
  3. Surrey - £38.89
  4. Manchester - £38.77
  5. Warwickshire - £38.10
  6. Somerset - £37.35
  7. Buckinghamshire - £37.12
  8. Oxfordshire - £37.02
  9. Sussex - £36.97
  10. Wiltshire - £36.55

This is not a complete picture as average tutoring rates also hugely vary based on subjects, with some lessons being far pricier than others. A single Mandarin lesson can put you £53 out of pocket, and a Physics lesson will cost an average of £47.50. The top ten list of hourly cost, is as follows:

Average Rates by Subject

  1. Mandarin - £53.00
  2. Physics - £47.50
  3. Chemistry - £45.80
  4. German - £45.20
  5. French - £42.95
  6. Maths - £40.56
  7. Spanish - £38.90
  8. Biology - £37.00
  9. English Literature - £35.40
  10. Psychology - £34.37

Average Tutoring Rates UK Infographic

average tutoring rates uk infographic

High Average Tutoring Rates: The Problem

Tutoring has many benefits, on-top of helping pupils academically, tutors can help students gain new tools for learning, and widen their scope of knowledge. However, there is an issue with the tutoring marketing, that organisations like The Sutton Trust are hoping to change.

The charity's study found that students from a ‘high affluent' background receive a disproportionate amount of tutoring in comparison to those from ‘low affluence' households. More specifically, 34% of those from high income families received private tuition, in comparison to 20% of pupils from low income families.

The Solution

Today with the £1bn pound tuition grant announced by the government, private tuition in more accessible than ever. However, this may only be a temporary fix for a much larger and wider problem. Charities like the Sutton Trust and a number of charities are looking ways to make tuition more accessible to all.

One idea is continuing a government funded access to tutoring. This could potentially be done as a means-tested voucher scheme, the program would allow all students to get access to high-quality tutoring, regardless of their household income.

Charities aren't the only ones trying to make the world of private tuition more accessible. Agencies like TutorTrust are creating innovative new tutoring models to create affordable small group and one on one tutoring.

Discover Tutoring Rates Across the Pond

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This resource provides a detailed comparison of tutoring costs by subject and region, mirroring our UK-focused analysis. Whether you're a tutor contemplating rates or a parent planning your budget, this guide offers valuable perspectives to inform your decisions. Expand your understanding of global tutoring trends and ensure you're well-informed in today's dynamic educational market.

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