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This is our April Fool's Day post for 2021. Feel free to have a read, but please don't take any of it seriously!

From April, our team is excited to launch a new and exciting addition to TutorCruncher’s features. After months of research conducted by our sales and marketing departments, we have come to pinpoint an area that will drastically overhaul and improve every TutorCruncher user's experiences.

We are excited to announce TutorCruncher: Tutor Pets, a new and innovative approach to teaching and tutoring.

What is TutorCruncher: Tutor Pets?

Animals offer a unique perspective on the world from which we can learn. That is why TutorCruncher: Tutor Pets uses new, cutting-edge technology to allow your pets to pass their wisdom onto tutees and students. Our developers have been working hard behind the scenes to create new, unique tutor profiles for animals.

Here are a few of the key features TutorCruncher Tutor Pets will Include:

  • Simple Profile Set-up: Adding pets to your TutorCruncher account is simple. When adding a new tutor, just select the ‘Tutor Pet' checkbox. This will then create a pet-accessible profile for your new team member. It will also create a profile for each Tutor Pet, uniquely marked with a paw print.
  • Unique Pet Profiles: As with our current user profiles, Tutor Pets will be able to login to TutorCruncher, enter their details, qualifications, and availability.
  • Pet Tutor Resources: At TutorCruncher, we pride ourselves on giving you lots of tips, insights, and guidance surrounding all things tutoring for free. Our marketing department is working hard to create similar resources for TutorCruncher Tutor Pets.
Image showing one of our Pet Tutors currently involved in Beta testing.

Making TutorCruncher Pet Accessible

With a bit of luck, your pets will be able to launch a successful tutoring career of their own. Our new features will allow your pets to seamlessly login to TutorCrucher, log their lessons, write lesson reports, and apply for new jobs.

Here are just a few of the features currently in beta testing to create simple and efficient pet access:

  • TutorPaw ID: Security is always our team's top priority. That is why pets will be able to access TutorCruncher using their unique TutorPaw ID. Using the industry-standard 2-step-authentication process, your pets will be able to verify their identity by scanning their paw on a smartphone fingerprint scanner.
  • Bark-to-Text translation: We are aware that for our animal companions with non-opposable thumbs, typing can be a challenge. This is why our in-house dev team has been working hard to create cutting-edge Bark-to-Text translation technology. This allows your pets to directly translate their student feedback into lesson reports, using any built-in or external microphone. Bark-to-Text 1.0 will effortlessly translate Dogs, Cats, Big Cats, Mice, and Birds. If you have any other suggestions for animals we should include in future Bark-to-Text updates please feel free to get in touch!
  • Pet-Friendly Accounting: Our new update will allow Tutor Pets to convert their monetary earnings into treats for pets if needed. This accounting update will continuously monitor the fluctuation of conversion rates, to give each Tutor Pet the most accurate rates possible.
Peach and Echo off-fur up their skills to teach a keen student geography

Hiring Tutor Pets

We understand that for a lot of tutoring agency owners, the pet market might be quite new. That is why we wanted to share some of our insight into Tutor Pets gathered through our behind-the-scenes beta testing. We have been able to identify a number of subject areas, where Pet Tutors are able to help out.

These include:

  • Tutor Cheetahs for Sport and Fitness
  • Tutor Turtles for History and Archeology
  • Tutor Bulldogs for English
  • Tutor Mice for Science
  • Tutor Birds for Geography

If you are interested in hiring pet tutors, we recommend interviewing furry helpers based on the criteria mentioned above.

(Please note: Some pets will be able to provide additional or overlapping skills and qualifications. The aforementioned recommendations are just a starting point.)

Room for Growth

We are so excited to start a new chapter for TutorCruncher through the TutorCruncher Tutor Pets expansion. Our innovation also doesn't end with this one update!

We have a number of exciting features updates that will be launched in the coming months including:

  • TutorCruncher Sea-life - Introduction of TutorFin ID for Sea-Life access and TutorCruncher’s very own Sea Conservation Waterpark (launching Spring of 2022)
  • TutorCruncher Inverte - An expansion for TutorCruncher Pet's into the invertebrate and creepy-crawly market (launching Summer 2022)
  • TutorCruncher Phantom - Update allowing ghosts, spirits, and guardian angels to join TutorCruncher as tutors, clients, students, and admins. (launching October 31st 2023)

Our team innovates based on feedback from clients, that is why as always we want to hear from you! Do you have any thoughts on TutorCruncher Tutor Pets? Is there an animal you'd like to be added to the Bark-to-Text translation system? Feel free to get in touch with and let us know!

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Top tutor Dora the Dachshund inspires her students with her pawsitive vibes.

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