Carfax Tutors Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, is Carfax’s newest office, having opened in August 2015 in time for the academic year. Carfax Tutors Abu Dhabi offers tailored tuition based on individual pupils’ needs and requirements. Carfax understands the importance of academic support and can offer a wide range of subjects and curriculums, to help pupils excel. All Carfax tutors are carefully selected from leading UK and US universities and rigorously assessed to ensure the highest level of experience and expertise. Carfax Tutors Abu Dhabi also offers education advice on school choices for families relocating to the Abu Dhabi and the UAE, and can offer a unique insight into the different curriculums and admission systems available in the Gulf.

02 401 2594
Office 20, Blue Building, TwoFour54, Abu Dhabi