Inspired Minds

Whether your child is preparing for common entrance, GCSE, A-level or university preparation we are ready to help. Our wealth of experience from homeschooling to online tutoring to interview preparation means we can offer practical advice and make sure you get the right tutor.

We offer carefully assembled science and maths lab kits for all our clients full of outstanding educational tools. This allows our tutors to deliver tutorials beyond what a typical tuition agency can offer. With our science kit tutors can guide students through experiments in your home. Make a pinhole camera, an electromagnet a compass or more.

Increasingly students are connecting with tutors over the internet. We have found the added flexibility in scheduling can be a great benefit. Online tuition can be useful for overseas students about to enter a British school either in the UK or abroad. Lessons take the form of conversations via videoconferencing platforms such as Skype.

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