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As the summer approaches, we just thought we'd reflect on some of the changes that have been rolled out to TutorCruncher over the last few months. Some of these changes have been big, while others have been small, but our dev team has been working very hard to keep adding improvements to the system. Here, we'll be going through some of the biggest changes, and how these helped shape the platform over the last few months.

New Client View

Our new user profiles made it easier to find the information you needed. The most important part of this was splitting a users profile into categories. This allows you to easily switch between sections which are laid out into separate tabs, making editing and updating information more intuitive.

Splitting Invoices Per Student

We thought splitting invoices would be a great way of distinguishing what lessons a student has taken, in instances where a client has more than one student assigned to them. A student's lessons can now be broken down per page, making it easier for clients to see what lessons each of their students are being charged for.


TutorCrunchers accounting system is designed to help you process invoices as smoothly as possible. With that being said, our developers decided to introduce a ‘Refund' option on those voided invoices. With a click of a button, you can issue a refund directly through Stripe or add credit back onto a user's account.


Online integrations are something that we've put a lot of consideration into within TutorCruncher. Teaching maths online couldn't be any easier following the introduction of ‘Blutick' as an online integration. This whiteboard teaches and guides students through mathematical concepts with a unique combination of video content, worked examples and interactive questions.

Visit their website here to find out more!

Blutick Integration

Charity Donations

Users can now give back by making a charitable donation. With this new feature, agencies can assign a donation amount per lesson when assigning a student to a job.

Read our blog here to find out more!

New Dashboard

The TutorCruncher system is designed to help you Customise the platform as much as possible, making it easier to handle and monitor administrative tasks. One of the recent developments was the TC Dashboard. You can now decide what information you want to display through custom activity panels and what information you don't want to view there.

Read about our custom dashboard


The introduction of Zoom was based on client feedback. The TutorCruncher development team worked hard to create an easy to use Zoom integration, which allows tutors to seamlessly integrate their own Zoom profile with no extra costs!

You can find out more about using Zoom as an online integration here.

Client Lesson & Tutor Booking

Sometimes lesson scheduling can be quite time consuming for you and your agency. That's why we've now given clients more control with the new lesson booking feature! With this new feature, clients can book their own lessons, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your agency.

Here's a great blog we wrote about the new client lesson booking feature.

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System Speed Ups

The TutorCruncher team pride themselves on always keeping the system fast! Since we want to save you time, a slow system is not an option for us!

Based on customer feedback, our development team were able to identify pages which could be loading faster with a little back end redesign. While this is a continuous ongoing task, we have had a number of updates over the past few months specifically focused on loading user details and profiles!

Associated Clients

Associated clients play an important role within TutorCruncher. That's why we wanted to give you more control over what information associated clients can receive by introducing extra permissions. You can decide whether this user can receive a student's lesson reports, view and pay invoices, or book lessons for the student.

Learn more about using Associated Clients here.

What should we update next?

As always, the TutorCruncher team want to know what improvements you want to see in our system! If you have any suggestion or questions, please feel free to get in touch via email at, through our in-app chat or by going to the Support tab within your TutorCruncher system.

Want to learn about some of our other new feature updates? Click here!

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