Our experience of using TutorCruncher and how it has added value to us, by Telios Tutors

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Telios Tutors have been using TutorCruncher for over a year now, and they wanted to share their experience of running a tutoring company, and how TutorCruncher has helped them.

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Running a tutoring agency efficiently involves consistent day to day management of admin work which can be time consuming and challenging, especially as the number of tutors, students and clients grow over time. It important to have systems in place to ensure a smooth, sustainable and effective operation.

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In business, time is your greatest asset and so it's valuable to know how to leverage your time effectively to ensure that you can focus on serving your clients to the highest standard. This can be challenging if a high proportion of your time is spent on admin. Results happen only when you give the best you have to become the best you can be at your most important work. TutorCruncher allows us to delegate our time more effectively by focusing on the most important task at hand, eliminating time doing as many tasks that can be quite repetitive if handled manually. We have been able to save a lot of time and potential expenditure training and hiring an extra member of staff.

TutorCruncher has provided us with a platform that has allowed all parties of Telios Tutors to access on one portal. Tutors can create and update their profiles, clients can check their accounts if necessary and as admin, we can send broadcasts, oversee operations, view tutor profiles and much more.

As a tutoring agency, we want to be more than just act as an intermediary. TutorCruncher’s lesson report feature allows us to oversee all our lessons and ensure progress is always being made and quality is always at a high standard. Although many parents often meet with tutors during lessons, having a written report helps us record content delivered, feedback suggested and also helps with accountability.

In addition, if in the rare incident that another tutor is required to pick up lessons with a student, we are able to send reports to our next tutor to ensure a smooth transition and consistency. Written lesson reports also help us to gain an insight into our tutors' regular teaching styles and some of their lesson content too. Many of our clients really appreciate reassurance, feedback and advice through this means.

The graphical analytics allow us to monitor our revenue on a monthly basis which is a valuable tool. TutorCruncher also allows us to quickly access data and information about almost every aspect of our business.

We have experienced an outstanding level of customer service from the team at TutorCruncher. They are extremely professional and accommodating. They are constantly innovative and coming up with new ways to improve their users' experience and are often finding ways to add more value to their customers. Having a live chat service available gives us that extra bit of reassurance that we can access them for any technical support or advice if necessary.

TutorCruncher allows users to generate invoices at the click of a button and take payment using Stripe which saves our clients time to log into online banking and making direct bank transfers. TutorCruncher allows us to stay organised by quickly being able to access and search for individuals' profiles and the click of a few buttons.

In all the time we have been using TutorCruncher, we have had a seamless experience. In the rare occurrence that the website was down, we immediately received a message update alerting their users that they were fully aware and will be fixing this immediately. Their unparalleled level of service and value that they provide is why they have a constantly expanding list of service users within the tutoring industry.

We build business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, we can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration.

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