What are the benefits of online tutoring?

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Uncovering the Many Benefits of Online Tutoring 

Online tutoring has become an increasingly popular option for extra support outside of traditional classroom settings. 

By offering students a safe, convenient, and personalised resource to draw on when extra academic help is needed, online tutoring can provide the support required to bridge knowledge gaps in core subjects and push performance levels further. 

In this post, let's look at some evidence online tutoring benefits and provide practical tips on getting the most from your online tutoring sessions. 

Overview of the different types of online tutoring services available

Online tutoring benefits include are an extremely versatile, convenient, and cost-effective way for students to receive personalised assistance with their studies. 

From traditional one-on-one video sessions and group chats to automated instruction, such as apps and online tutoring programs, there is a vast array of options available to support student learning. 

Whether you prefer face-to-face interaction or a more structured guided experience, online tutoring services can provide instruction from experienced educators working as an online tutor within various fields of study. 

Moreover, with this type of help available at any time and place, students can access the online learning modules they need quickly and in a convenient way that is not possible with in person tutoring. 

Benefits of online tutoring

1. Accessibility 

Through online tutoring, students are able to access high-quality services without geographical constraints or transportation issues. Even rural areas now have access to the same tutoring resources and the benefits of online tutoring as students living in larger cities because support is only an internet connection away. 

This means that no matter where you live in the world, you can access the benefits of online tutoring and online learning as a whole from online tutors whose tutorial style matches your own learning style. The tutoring experience is not only about national curriculum learning material but a good tutor will also provide students expert advice and engaging lessons any time of day or night.

2. Time Saving

Time-saving is one of the key benefits of online tutoring programs, as the entire lesson can be completed whenever it's most convenient for the student, at their own pace, no matter where they may be. This makes it easier to fit tedious activities such as studying into their daily busy schedules.

3. Cost Savings

Another online tutoring benefit is the money it can save. Utilising an online tutoring platform, students can access a personalized learning experience and quality private tutoring without the expense associated with in-person tuition, allowing them to take online lessons and control their own educational progress and study habits without fear of debt.

4. Flexibility

You can have online tutoring sessions at any time that's convenient for you and your tutor. This makes it easier for a student to fit tutoring into a busy academic or extracurricular schedule. 

With online tutoring, you aren't constrained to the brick-and-mortar limitations of having to be in the same physical space as your tutor. Instead, all that's required is an internet connection, allowing access to the world’s knowledge at any time, from anywhere. 

Online tutors can also offer specialised expertise and knowledge that may not be available in your geographical area.

5. Comfort

Online tutoring offers amazing opportunities to explore knowledge in a* convenient, flexible and comfortable learning environment*. From the comfort of your own home, or any location that suits you - online tutoring allows students to access expert tutors without travel hassle or disruption. 

Students can benefit from interacting in real-time with experienced professionals who clearly explain instruction, answer questions and provide timely feedback.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

Evidence for the benefits of online tutoring?

An interesting* survey by Bramble found that the majority of their users found online tutoring more or as effective than face-to-face tuition*. The survey which represents 2,000 users in a total of 38 countries gives a great insight into all sections of the tutoring industry.

Our team is always interested in seeing how new teaching tools can help businesses, such as* online whiteboards*, therefore we have written a short summary of Bramble's findings below.

How has online tutoring helped users?

The first key finding of the Bramble survey was that students overwhelmingly found online tutoring effective. In fact, 84% of students reported that online tutoring was more effective or as effective as in-person tuition. Furthermore, 73% of parents and 72% of tutors agreed that better grades resulted for students who learn online.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

Along with some general questions about the benefits of online tutoring, the survey also identified more specific benefits users experienced. All users (tutors, parents, and students) agreed that a key benefit of online tutoring was increased flexibility. Furthermore, they found that working online, lesson recordings and a more flexible/casual attitude created a beneficial learning environment.

There was also some indication that certain students and tutors found they were able to cover more topics online than in person. This may play a key part in why some students reported online tuition to be more effective than face-to-face tutoring when it came to the learning process.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

What about the future?

The survey seems to suggest that online tutoring is here to stay. 95% of parents indicated keeping some or all tuition online in the future. This number gets even higher with students, where 98% stated the same intention.

One of the most interesting findings shown by this survey is a change in attitudes. Pre-coronavirus just 6% of parents indicated doing half or more of their tuition online, furthermore, only 20% of tutors indicated that they had done any kind of online tuition.

It seems that the technology creating online classes for teaching and learning online have become far more accessible for many students and tutors. To put this change into perspective 99% of tutors surveyed said they will continue to tutor online even with face-to-face tuition being safe for most again.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?
What are the benefits of online tutoring?

So what does this mean for future online tutoring?

Arguably one of the biggest changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is people's attitude towards connecting with others remotely. Therefore it is not surprising that this change can also be seen* within the tutoring market* where students do not have to visit a tutor's house.

Online tutoring work in the online world has several advantages for students with learning disabilities, providing an essential alternative for those other students who have some educational challenges when working with tutors in person.

In the past, some worried that online tutoring may be less effective or may cause certain aspects of the tutor-student relationship to get lost. But from this survey and our own customer feedback, holding lessons online can clearly have a large number of its own benefits. Having the option to teach or learn from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, means tutoring is increasingly accessible to all, now more than ever.

Online tools to improve the learning experience

There are a number of resources available in e-learning platforms to help both students and tutors get the most benefit from the online learning experience. These tools can help improve engagement, organisation, and payment processing. 

Video Calling Tools

One of the most important things for online tutors is to be able to connect with their students on a personal level and in virtual classrooms. That's why video calling tools like Google Meet and Zoom are such valuable resources. 

These tools allow you to see your students' faces and body language, as well as, screen sharing which can be helpful in gauging their understanding of the material. 

Additionally, video calling tools make it easy to share your screen so you can show your students presentations, websites, or other materials that will help them learn. 

Interactive Online Whiteboards

Another great tool for online tutors is an interactive whiteboard. This type of software allows you to write or draw on a digital canvas, which can be helpful for explaining concepts or working through problems with your students. 

Many interactive whiteboards also come with built-in features like a virtual calculator or graphing tool, which can be handy for math and science tutoring sessions. There are even some interactive whiteboards that allow you to record your session so your student can go back and review the material at a later stage.

Tutor Management Tools 

Finally, there are tutor management tools available that can help you stay organised and efficient. For example, our* TutorCruncher tutor management software* is a tool that helps tutors with everything from scheduling and payments to progress reports, marketing and managing learning resources.

These types of tools can save you time by automating some of the more tedious aspects of online tutoring, so you can focus on what's really important: helping your students learn.

Pros and cons of utilising online tools for education


  1. They can help personalise learning, increasing engagement and motivation for some students
  2. They can make it easier for students to get access to the very best tutors, as well as, content and online resources providing a level playing field for all students, regardless of their background or ability level.
  3. They can help save time on tasks like grading and lesson planning so that tutors can focus on teaching and make assessments more accurate and efficient.
  4. They can allow students to take more control and learn at their own pace by easily connecting them with experts from around the world.
  5. They can provide real-time feedback that can help accelerate learning and facilitate communication between parents and educators about student progress.


  1. Not all students have access to technology outside of school creating a digital divide. This can widen achievement gaps between different groups of students unless everyone has access to quality technology resources and training on how to use them effectively. 
  2. If not used correctly or managed properly, technology in the learning environment could lead to distraction and disruptions. Some other parents fear there is also a risk of increased cheating with technology because it's easier to access and use digital resources. 
  3. Too much screen time has been linked with negative health effects like sleep and vision problems. (This can be avoided by taking regular breaks).
  4. Relying too heavily on technology for tutoring could limit students' opportunities to develop important social skills like empathy, teamwork, communication, and collaboration.
  5. When technology fails during tutoring time, for example, the internet goes down it wastes valuable instructional time. 

Tips to find the right online tutor for you and your learning goals

If you are keen to give online tutoring a go but are not sure where to begin, here are some important tips for getting started. 

When it comes to finding the right online tutor, it is important to do your research and find someone who not only has a good track record of providing effective tutoring but also has the same learning goals as you. Here are some practical tips that can guide you in your search. 

Firstly, conduct a detailed review of the tutor's background and qualifications. Check to see if they have experience in teaching the material you need help with and read reviews or ratings from other people who have worked with them before. 

Secondly, be sure that their communication style aligns with what works best for you. A great way to assess this is to jump on a call for an initial consultation and see if you feel comfortable asking questions and getting feedback from the tutor. 

Finally, discuss with them an appropriate timeline for when to achieve your tutoring goals so both parties understand their expectations clearly. 

How to make the most out of each online tutoring session

To make the most out of each* online tutoring session*, it's important to arrive prepared and with clear objectives in mind. First, consider what your specific needs and questions are – this will help inform the discussion points you bring to the tutoring session. 

Once you've identified what topics will be focused on during the session, become familiar with that tutoring material beforehand so that you're ready for a meaningful dialogue about it. Taking notes during the tutoring session is also a great way to get more out of any advice, resources, or explanations provided by your tutor. 

From there, staying consistent with post tutoring session assignments or tasks may be all it takes to solidify your understanding and start seeing learning progress across the board.


To conclude, online teaching offers a diverse range of advantages such as greater flexibility and convenience. It’s scalable, customised to the individual learner, and makes learning fun and interesting. 

Online tutors can help learners attain higher levels of proficiency in subject areas and reduce learning gaps. Plus, online lessons allow anyone from anywhere in the world to access valuable resources they otherwise may not have access to. 

With that said, it is important to remember that when it comes to tutoring, finding the right tutor or service provider for your needs is key so there are several things you should consider first. Take time to review background information on the tutor or provider, find out what services they offer, understand their cancellation policy and do some research beforehand. 

Ultimately creating a learning plan with measurable goals between the student and tutor will help create success and reap the benefits mentioned above. 

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