What are the benefits of online tutoring?

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An interesting new survey by Bramble has found that the majority of their users found online tutoring more or as effective as face to face tuition. The survey which represents 2,000 users in a total of 38 countries gives a great insight into all sections of the tutoring industry.

Our team is always interested in seeing how new teaching tools can help businesses, such as online whiteboards, therefore we have written a short summary of Bramble's findings below.

How has online tutoring helped users?

The first key finding of the Bramble survey was that students overwhelmingly found online tutoring effective. In fact, 84% of students reported that they felt online tutoring was more effective or as effective as in person tuition. Furthermore 73% of parents and 72% of tutors agreed.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

Along with some general questions about the effectiveness of online tutoring, the survey also identified more specific benefits users experienced. All users (tutors, parents, students) agreed that a key benefit of online tutoring was the increased flexibility. Furthermore they found that lesson recordings and a more flexible/casual attitude created a beneficial learning environment.

There was also some indication that certain students and tutors found they were able to cover more topics online than in person. This may play a key part in why some students reported online tuition to be more effective than face to face tutoring.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

What about the future?

The survey seems to suggest that online tutoring is here to stay. 95% of parents indicated keeping some or all of their tuition online. This number gets even higher with students, where 98% indicated the same intention.

One of the most interesting findings shown by this survey is a change in attitudes. Pre-coronavirus just 6% of parents indicated doing half or more of their tuition online, furthermore only 20% of tutors indicated that they had done any kind of online tuition.

It seems that teaching and learning online has become far more accessible for many students and tutors. To put this change into perspective 99% of tutors surveyed said they will continue to tutor online even when face to face tuition becomes safe again.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?
What are the benefits of online tutoring?

So what does this mean for future online tutoring?

Arguably one of the biggest changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is people's attitude towards connecting with others remotely. Therefore it is not surprising that this change can also be seen within the tutoring market.

In the past some worried that online tutoring may be less effective or may cause certain aspects of the tutor-student relationship to get lost. While it is clear that online tutoring is more efficient for some students, holding lessons online can clearly have a large number of benefits. Having the option to teach or learn from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day, means tuition is increasingly accessible to all, now more than ever.

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