How Online Tutoring Can Help You Create A Successful Website

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A great website is specifically designed to provide a maximum impact on the target audience. The primary objective of developing a website is to create a platform for your target audience to avail your products and services. You might have a simple idea to create a great website, and it can be nurtured through online tutoring.

Many managers and small business owners face the most significant challenges when building a website, including issues associated with web accessibility, readability, usability, compatibility, and navigability. In this post, you'll learn how online tutoring or e-learning can help you create a productive and successful website.

What Is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring or e-tutoring is defined as the teaching, assessment, support, and management of students on different programs of study involving significant use of online technologies. There are vital differences in actual physical teaching in terms of time, location, distance, and the technologies adopted.

As a business owner or part of the management, you need to be aware of the essential things you need to consider in online tutoring that will reflect your future practice and how you will teach your staff.

Benefits of Online Tutoring for Your Business Website

  1. Online tutoring provides one-on-one instructions.

Expert web designers or web developers can teach owners on how to effectively manage their website using special online tools or software with minimal supervision. One-on-one instructions can be given on a scheduled or emergency basis depending on the online course outline or agreement.

  1. Online tutoring can have that human touch.

Unlike the popular belief, online tutoring also has a human touch aspect. An online tutor can personalize the approach by providing a conversation-like type of teaching via Skype or other similar platforms with audio and video presentation via "Screen Share." For shy type students, they can opt without video so they can confidently ask questions without restrictions.

  1. Online tutoring is accessible to anyone.

Whether you want to learn the basic SEO strategies or a more in-depth discussion on digital marketing, online tutors who are specialized in those fields of interests can help you out anytime and anywhere you are as long as you have a stable internet connection along with the appropriate internet-capable device.

Regardless of age, gender, social status, or nationality, online tutoring is the perfect avenue for non-discrimination. E-learning activities can be performed by anyone who is willing to learn and enhance his skills.

Online Tutoring is available to anyone, anywhere.
  1. Online tutoring provides access to helpful materials and technology.

The use of technology is a cost-effective solution to help deal with the increasing number of students. During online tutoring, students can share websites and collaborate using virtual whiteboards and other similar features. E-learning is the newest trend in the global markets, allowing people to work or manage their business while having distance education for more accessible and flexible learning.

Slideshows, video tutorials, e-books, audio recordings, and digital texts are just some of the helpful materials that the digital technology can provide, and you can use to your advantage. Students don't have to worry remembering where they saved the important files they need because Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar tools can be used to store data securely via Cloud without needing hard drives.

  1. Online tutoring helps build connections.

Online tutoring does not only focus on the development and delivery of online learning, but it also enhances the capabilities of staff members and helps build connections among local and international e-commerce players. A company with different satellites worldwide can conduct a teleconference to learn together, share experiences, and create tighter connections for strengthening their online presence.

Skype offers screen sharing to allow students and mentors to work on documents, provide instant feedback, and make edits later.

  1. Online tutoring doesn't require travel expenses.

Both the student and the tutor can work at home, thus making learning more convenient and easy on schedule.

Website Creation Considerations

It's important to design and develop a website that will give equal access to all users in terms of features, information, and functionality, regardless if the person is tech-savvy or not. It is crucial to consider every aspect and inherent features that a website should possess for a successful website, including layout, typography, and content management systems.

  1. Compatibility

Compatibility means the ability of a website to work on different channels. For instance, you need to ensure that your website has a wide range browser compatibility by checking its functionality across different monitor resolutions and operating systems. With the advanced technology in this digital age, we can use it to create a great website.

For example, you can test the compatibility of your site through specialized website compatibility tools, wherein you can plan a testing schedule, choose the web pages you want to test, and review results.

  1. Readability

Readability means having a website that is easy to understand by online users with varying education and computer skills. When it comes to website readability, the essential aspects include the typeface, colors, and layout, so you can create an easy-to-read and clean on-screen font that users can quickly scan and skim with the help of web design applications or software

Online tutoring can help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve your target and create a great website.

It's important to have a site which your users are going to find easily accessible.

Risks Involved If a Website Is not Carefully Made

  • Reduced user appeal. A poorly designed website looks dull and boring which can be a huge turn off for users.
  • Poor customer engagement. Include call to action buttons to engage with your visitors, otherwise, they are unclear of what to do and expect less from your website.
  • Slow loading times lead to frustration. Online users have 3 to 5 seconds to be impressed by your site. But if they keep on waiting for each page to load, then it's a major failure.
  • Low-ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). If your web contents are not SEO optimized, your website will not appear on the first few pages of search engines, making it hard for people to find and avail your products and services too.
  • Decreased visitors, leads, and conversions. A reduced search engine ranking makes your website invisible, which is equivalent to non-existence.
  • Decreased customer base. If you have fewer visitors, then expect to have less customer base.


Online tutoring is the latest type of acquiring the right knowledge and skills you need beyond traditional classroom learning. It is convenient, flexible, efficient, and useful, most especially when teaching digital technologies to small business owners and IT students aspiring to become web developers to create a successful website.

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