How to Find Clients for Your Tuition Agency

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Finding clients for your tuition agency

is something you always want to be focused on for growth potential. Your clients are your future marketeers; they will spread their accomplishments, positive experiences with you and their tutors and can introduce new clients. Word of mouth can bring you new clients; asking clients or parents if they know anyone who would be interested in tutoring. A nice touch for your or your tutors' profile or website would be client testimonials especially sharing achievements and overcoming difficulties. Additionally you may want to consider a referral scheme where your tutors can offer a free lesson for successful referees or to clients who have been referred. Some tutoring websites allow clients to post what they are looking for and hence this may be a method to get in touch if you have a tutor who matches their needs. It may be possible for you or your tutors to contact how-to-market-your-private-tuition-agencyschools, possibly advertising your services at an open evening or parent's evenings. Another source of clients for your tuition agency would be to ask your tutors to use any of their contacts including previous and current students.

find clients for your tuition agency

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