Lesson Booking

Select and book a lesson

You can add lessons which are viewable and bookable by visitors to your website. Take the hassle out of scheduling by encouraging your clients, both current and new, to simply book a lesson via your own website.

Using TutorCruncher's API integration with TutorCruncher Socket, it takes seconds to list lessons to be booked on your website.

Confirm attendance on a lesson

Clients can look at how many spaces are remaining on a lesson, what the topic is, when it is due to start, and the cost of the lesson.

Once your client has found a lesson which is of interest to them, they can then register with your company in a seamless process to then make a booking to confirm they are to attend the lesson.

Integrating bookable lessons with your website

Using TutorCruncher's API, all you need to do is copy and paste a short amount of code into your website to be able to list lessons.

Once the integration is active you can customise the styling and presentation of the interface using your own custom CSS.

You can use TutorCruncher Socket frontend to integrate with your account, or you can even do your own custom coding to integrate with our API.

Tutors add their availability

Once you have approved a tutor in your TutorCruncher account, you can set them up with their own bookable job.

Tutors can then add the lessons and the topics which they are available to teach. Whether your tutors are conducting group seminars or one-to-one online lessons, they can add themselves as available directly on your website.

Available for your new and current clients

Someone wants to book a lesson via your website, TutorCruncher will let them sign up as a new user on your company account as part of the booking process. They can sign up seamlessly by using either a Facebook or Google login, or they can create a separate email login.

If the person is already registered with your company then they will be able to link the booking to their existing account with you.